Future Satellite Project

The future Omani Satellite, is expected to be in service early 2024. The orbital slot is located in a premium location, to ensure a good visibility with high elevation angels for the desired footprint.

In terms of the technologies used in building the satellite; SCT ensures to commit the excellency in moving with the latest technologies deployed in building the satellites along with biggest satellite manufactures.

The satellite mission will be Ka Band with the frequency re-use generating a High Throughput Satellite.

The planned Coverage Map will be Regional, but with the flexibility of the satellite; other neighboring countries could be recognized before the final design

The future satellite advantages are :-

  • Flexible Networks , Star & Mesh topologies
  • In country Gateways
  • Choice of Interconnection with Europian Gateway
  • High Throughput Satellite
  • Controlled by Highly trained & experienced Omani Competencies
  • Hosted Payloads